Paint Me A Picture

Pictures. They are a visual expression or reproduction of something we have seen either in our minds or in reality. They are cute, sad, friendly, fun, thought-provoking, imaginitive, and records of people, places, and things. We can photograph, draw, paint, and assemble them. We can also knit and crochet them….

Praying Hands Dish Cloth

Praying Hands Dish Cloth


This dish cloth is a good example of how knits and purls combine to create a raised image. And a dish cloth is the perfect size for experimenting with different images that you can sketch out on graph paper and translate into your knit-wear and accessories.

The free pattern for this dish cloth can be found here.

Woody Dish Cloth

Woody Dish Cloth


Here is a really cute dish cloth with Woodstock, the topsy-turvy bird that hung out with Snoopy, from the Peanuts comics. With the right character image, you might be able to convince the kiddos to do the dishes every night!

The free pattern for this dish cloth can be found here.


Filet crochet is a classic technique for creating images in lace. A mesh background with filled squares is basically what filet crochet is all about. There are numerous patterns and charts to be found at They even have tutorials to help you on your imagery adventure.


Filet Crochet By Teresa is the place to go if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Her selection may be small, but her charts of medieval knights and this handsome fellow to the left are simply fabulous. Find her charts and tutorials here .

You can imbed images into dish cloths, pillow cases, scarves, sweaters, shawls, purses and bags. Just about any item is a candidate for image decoration. So go ahead and “paint” a picture!


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