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Charity Begins At Home

No matter what the economic status in your country is, it goes without saying that there are people living there who could really use your help. They quite possibly live in your own neighbourhood.

When it comes to charitable donations, some of the most useful (aside from cash) are supplies. With our knitting and crocheting talents, we can help provide blankets, sweaters, face cloths, dish cloths, slippers, socks and more to those in need.

The Denise House is an organization that helps women and children who have left harmful home situations. They provide housing and supplies to help people get back on their feet, as well as counceling. Each year they provide a list of items that are greatly needed on their website The Denise House.

There are plenty of other organizations that could use our help. Feel free to leave a link to an organization you know about as a Comment.

To  help you get started on your charitable crafting, here are some ideas:


These jeans for babies are absolutely adorable! They are a step away from the traditional knitted pants for babies and toddlers, and they’re much softer than the real thing. This pattern is from Knitty.com, an excellent resource for all things knitted. Find the free pattern here.

Patterns for babies knit- and crochet-wear abound. There is an endless supply of free patterns on the internet. Just type in “baby knits” in your search bar and see what pops up!

You can also try the links on our Virtual Pattern Book, here at Needles And Hooks Cafe. There you will find links to web sites that have free patterns to share. You have to do the searching for specific patterns yourself, but the hunt is half the fun!


zpocke60152This little sweater is a home run! Not only does it have matching mittens to keep baby’s little hands warm, but it also has button fasteners at the shoulder for an easier fit. This simple, yet stylish knit, can be worn from Autumn through to Spring and will surely be a favourite. Find the free pattern here.



Blankets keep babies warm and comforted. This blanket, inspired by a traditional log cabin quilt design, is easy to make with beautiful results. You can add strips to make this blanket for bigger children, as well. Find the free pattern here.

Although the patterns I’ve shown here are for infants, remember that there are older children and adults that could use a little help, too. Take a look around the great big world wide web for easy to make sweater, hats, socks and mitten patterns. 

Let’s put our needles and hooks to good use and help those in need…one stitch at a time.


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