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To Knit or To Crochet

Do we really need to ask ourselves this question?

Just as artists and crafters debate the “What is art? What is craft?” questions, knitters and crocheters have been trying to lay down definite boundaries to distinguish one from the other. But more and more, we are seeing the two mixed together in a wonderful combination of magical stitchery.


Newborn Hat

At right is a fine example of the two combined to make a gorgeously patterned hat for baby. The free pattern can be found here.





Crochet edgings can also play a bigger role in the overall design of knitted garments, as seen in this fabulously feminine sweater!


The crocheted lace cuffs and edging add texture, while a simple stockinette stitch keeps this piece smooth and sophisticated. Believe it or not, you can find the pattern for this stunning sweater here.

These are just a sampling of what can be found. There is a plethora of patterns that combine both knit and crochet in an undeniably blessed union. So embrace them both! And while you’re mulling over which of these two projects you should add to your list, here is a link that will make your mouth water! CrochetPatternCentral has a full page of knit/crochet combo patterns to tempt and please.


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